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Program Managers

The ultimate language learning experience for program managers

  1. Tailor-made training
  2. Seamless global deployment
  3. Real-time online reporting
  4. Global quality assurance
  5. Companywide marketing support
program manager - Learnship

Tailor-made training

At Learnship, we specialize in developing tailored corporate learning solutions for global clients, by adapting our core programs to meet the specific needs of your business. All our programs can be set up to incorporate your own key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as including industry, company, or job-specific training materials.
Following our acquisition of GlobalEnglish, we can now offer the most comprehensive, single-source solution for online, trainer-led, and blended learning language training, as well as our specialist relocation and intercultural training. We can help you broaden the reach of your learning programs while optimizing your budgets, with solutions designed for the varied needs of your global workforce.

Seamless global deployment

Our online training management system provides you with a central hub for course management, billing, and reporting, as well as enabling you to easily expand training programs on a global scale with a range of options for centralized deployment and local registrations.
We can also integrate our programs into your overall Training Management System (TMS) and configure data flows and reporting as you need between program managers, trainers, learners, and their department managers.
All our language courses are based on the Common European Framework (CEF) to allow global comparisons of employee proficiency and learning progress. 

Desktop showing the Learnship HR Manager Dashboard

Real-time online reporting

Gone are the days of relying on a paper attendance sheet passed around a classroom. With all our programs you’ll receive real-time reporting on attendance, scheduling, and learning assessments. We can also set up automated reports with whatever level of detail your management teams require, from the number of active courses and course frequency per attendee to detailed course progress reviews.
Our ongoing feedback and learner satisfaction surveys will also keep you fully informed on the success of your programs, and provide the data we need to continually improve the experience of your employees.

Global quality assurance

With over ten years’ experience managing global learning programs, we can offer you comprehensive quality management systems and processes to reduce your administration time and ensure the highest program delivery standards for all your learners.
Our Learnship Academy ensures that your learners will work with exceptional online trainers, with experience of our proven pedagogy and training processes. As program managers, you will also benefit from the uniform standards we’ve developed for onboarding, assessment, testing, and reporting.

Learnship company

Companywide marketing support

As your language learning partner, we’ll provide you with all the support and Marketing materials you need to effectively promote and deploy programs across your organization, including free sample lessons, online registration and automated assessments where required.

We can help you raise awareness for your Language Training programs with employee events, roadshows, and webinars hosted via our Virtual Classroom to give your stakeholders and learners first-hand experience of our learning platform. We’ll also provide digital brochures and customized content for your intranet and internal websites to help your employees understand their full range of language learning options. 

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