High Quality Foreign Language Training via the Internet

About our company


Behind Learnship is a rapidly growing team of more that one hundred individuals scattered across Europe and North America.

Since the founding of our company, we have been truly excited by the possibility of bringing face-to-face language training online. The technology we have developed is uniquely user-friendly and, combined with our Live-Teaching method, allows us to deliver an education experience equal to anything that can be found in a traditional classroom. In just two years, we have been able to set the standard for quality in our emerging field.

We understand that without human interaction, learning a foreign language is at best tedious and inefficient. We don’t regard the use of digital technology as a way of replacing teachers, but rather as part of a larger revolution of the education system, where quality, face-to-face instruction becomes easier to access, more flexible, more effective, and more affordable.

Learnship’s investors include the German publishing company, DuMont, and Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, one of the world’s largest media corporations.

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