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Human-Centered Learning

Delivering the engagement levels of classroom training & the flexibility and convenience of e-learning

Industry-wide efforts to replace trainers with technology have led to lower engagement with limited results. This is why we decided to keep the personal learner-trainer relationship in the center of language learning. We call this approach human-centered learning. By building our programs around the learner-trainer relationship, we can maintain the engagement levels of traditional classroom training while giving your employees the flexibility and convenience of an online service.

A man with headphones on using his notebook for Human-Centered Learning, emphasizing the high engagement

High engagement

  • Motivational trainer relationship
  • Live language practice
  • Tailored content & training plan
  • Customized support
Man using his notebook for human-centered learning by Learnship, emphasizing the flexibility of it


  • Anytime, anywhere learning
  • Easy rescheduling
  • Adaptable pace of learning
  • Online homework

Trainers love our online,
face-to-face approach

  1. Access to learners from the world’s best companies
  2. Freedom to live wherever they want
  3. Flexible workloads and scheduling

Global network of trainers

We know the personal relationship between learner and trainer can dramatically increase the enjoyment and success of any training program. With a global network of over 1,000 trainers, we can extend the matching process beyond language proficiency and learning skills, to find a trainer with the teaching style and business experience that will most benefit your employee. 
Our online, face-to-face approach allows us to find the perfect trainers for your employees, regardless of geographic location and physical availability of both, employees and trainers.
Our commitment to find the perfect trainers for your employees pays into our human-centered learning approach.

Personal service to program managers

Our human-centered approach extends to your program managers who will receive personal support and expert guidance on every element of their experience with our language learning programs.

  • Initial assessments of learners
  • Employee onboarding
  • Quality assurance
  • Management reporting
  • Global deployment
  • Internal marketing
  • Program evaluations

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