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Condiciones de uso

Learnship offers high-quality business skills training (“Services”), especially language services. A successful training is mainly based on observing the following Terms of Use.


These Terms of Use are binding for every user. They also apply accordingly to the customer. The infringement of a User is thus attributed to the customer.

User Data

The user will provide, maintain and update his personal user data (“User Data”) correctly, up-to-date and completely. In the case of an infringement, Learnship may terminate the right to use the trainings and block access to the platform.

Learnship collects, processes and uses User Data and other data on assessment results, learning progress results and satisfaction surveys to provide the Services as well as for billing within the scope of the privacy notice.

The User ensures that e-mails addressed to him can reach him and are accessed regularly.

Access Data and Passwords

The User is obliged to keep access data and passwords (“Access Data”) secret and to prevent the unauthorized use of the Services by third parties. The User is liable for all activities in connection with his Access Data. He immediately informs about unauthorized use and any other security breach. Learnship accepts no liability for damages, unless they are based on an illegitimate use of the Access Data caused by Learnship.

Security Measures

The User is obliged to make the appropriate arrangements regarding the security of his system, in particular to use the usual security settings of the browser, to carry out regular data backup and to use a current anti-virus software for prevention of computer viruses and other malicious software. He is not allowed to access (or attempt to) an account for which he is not entitled.


The User may use the Services only with software provided by Learnship. He will not make any changes to the software provided or use modified versions of this software. Violations of system or network security may be prosecuted under civil or criminal law.

Interactive Services

The Services may include interactive content that allows the user to provide information and materials to be viewed by other users of the Service (“User Content”).

User Content may not interfere with or violate the rights of third parties, contribute to unlawful conduct, or be otherwise obscene or objectionable. The User will provide only accurate and complete information. He is responsible for the User Content he has provided and will control it on an ongoing basis.

Insofar as User Content is unlawful or inappropriate, Learnship reserves the right not to make it available, not to publish or to delete it. Learnship is entitled, but not obliged, to review User Content for violations of this contract or applicable law and to take appropriate steps, including the termination of the contract with the Customer.

Rights of Use

The User will not alter, rent, lease, lend, sell or distribute the content and materials provided.

Technical Malfunction

The User must notify Learnship immediately by text (letter, e-mail, fax) of technical malfunctions. If he complies and if Learnship is responsible for the malfunction, the training unit will be repeated.


In the event of misconduct by Users during the training – particularly disturbances of other participants during group lessons – Learnship may cancel the hour for the User or restrict the use for him. The training is considered delivered in this case. Learnship may exclude the User completely from the participation in the event of repeated disturbances.

Change of the Terms of Use

Learnship may change the Terms of Use with effect for the future. In this case, Learnship will notify Users of the change four (4) weeks before the change takes effect. The changes are deemed accepted if a User does not object within this period or continues to use the Services of Learnship without objection. If the User objects to a change, Learnship can terminate the contract and block the access.