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Trainer Workshop: challenging our trainers

Trainer Workshop: challenging our trainers

How does Learnship ensure the ultimate language learning experience for trainers?

Trainer workshops are one of the best ways to foster interaction with trainers and enhance their professional experience. Combining pure training time and peer-to-peer exchange time, our workshops create emulation within our pool of trainers, and contribute both to their professional development and to the improvement of Learnship training.

Our latest workshop was held on August 2, 2019 at the Regus Business Center in Stuttgart. Taking place both on-site and online, this workshop was designed for trainers who joined Learnship as part of our collaboration with a major client in the automotive industry.

The goal of this workshop was threefold:
• inform our trainers about the automotive industry leader’s training project and introduce the pedagogical contents custom-made for our client;
• enable our trainers to network and share their good practices between peers in an informal atmosphere;
• Interact with them and get feedback, aiming for pedagogical excellence and the best training experience for both the trainers and the learners.

«This workshop enabled us to strengthen our qualified trainer pool and to keep building up a trainer team that is well connected and strong.»

– Ulrike Platze, Senior Training Manager at Learnship

The success of our workshops is evidenced by the satisfaction of our trainers, and the results of our Business Language Training, Business Modules and Relocation Language Training courses for relocated employees and their families, both in Germany and abroad. We all look forward to the next workshop taking place in September!

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