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We may be a technology company but that doesn’t mean we offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Whether you need to train five or 500,000 employees, we can meet your needs and suit your budget.

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We provide affordable, high-quality self-paced programs for organization-wide training, premium one-on-one coaching for senior executives, next-generation blended learning for speed.

Sprints start at only $299

Our next-generation blended product, Learnship Sprint, is priced at just $299 for an individual license, with discounts available for team programs.

A Sprint license includes weekly sessions with an online trainer, and unlimited access to Learnship Solo, our award-winning, self-paced learning program.

Self-paced learning programs are available at even more competitive prices. They can be accessed by any learner, anywhere in the world, making them an economical choice for large scale global deployments.

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Every business is unique, so we tailor all of our programs to the individual needs of our customers. Learners are also unique, so we provide different options to suit different learning preferences. Our pricing reflects that. Tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss details.

Learnship Solo

You can purchase an individual license for the award-winning self-paced business language software—Learnship Solo. This is perfect for anyone looking for a personal e-learning solution to develop their business language skills. It features the most advanced speech recognition and remediation technology in the industry. Get one year of access or enjoy a 10-day trial for free.

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