The Qualiopi certification, a guarantee of quality service

In 2021, Learnship was successfully Qualiopi-certified. The French government’s certification guarantees that the processes implemented by your language learning solutions provider meet stringent specifications and quality criteria.

Following an audit conducted in November 2021 by an independent agency, Learnship has successfully received the French Qualiopi certification.

Recently introduced by the French government, the Qualiopi certification certifies the quality of training providers’ processes and allows for greater clarity in the range of training courses available in the market.

To evaluate the quality of the processes and services offered by Learnship, the audit – including random checks on learners’ courses – is built around demanding specifications and seven quality criteria.

Seven quality criteria

The French Ministry of Labor defines these criteria as follows:

  1. Public information conditions
  2. Precise identification of the objectives
  3. Services, support, follow-up, and evaluation methods
  4. Adequacy of the educational, technical, and supervisory resources
  5. Qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the staff
  6. Presence and involvement of the provider in its professional environment.
  7. Collection and consideration of feedback and complaints from stakeholders

Learnship was praised for its compliance with all seven criteria.

Standing for quality, beyond labels

“Quality has always been an integral part of Learnship’s DNA” explains Christine Bourcier Saad Abi, Learnship’s Managing Director for France. “For more than ten years, our teams have been committed to offering the best possible quality of service daily, not only through processes that are now certified – but through  particular attention paid to human relations and transparency with our clients. I am very proud that their work has been recognized once again”.

Learnship has a long track record of official certifications in France: Datadock-listed for five years, OPQF-certified for two years, Learnship is now Qualiopi-certified.

Allowing Learnship to position itself on the French public markets, the Qualiopi certification is above all a source of trust for all – partners, employees, clients, and learners.