New Range of Language Learning Sprints to Empower Remote Global Teams

Global Remote Team

Learnship is launching a series of new five-week Sprint courses to help empower remote workers around the world.

The online courses, featuring live sessions with professional trainers, are designed to build confidence among non-native English speakers in the language skills needed to work productively in remote teams, network effectively inside and outside an organization, and manage projects in distributed teams.

The five-week courses introduce learners to new vocabulary associated with different aspects of remote working before pairing them with a qualified personal trainer online to practice and perfect its correct application in various real-life business scenarios.

  • Working in Remote Teams addresses issues such as videoconferencing techniques, cloud-based file-sharing, and team chat.
  • Remote Networking and Social Skills covers building and managing relationships online, career development, and hosting virtual networking events.
  • Remote Project Management will include sessions on creating budgets, managing stakeholders, delegating tasks, and risk management.

The accelerated adoption of remote working and our increased reliance on videoconferencing and chat tools have led to the emergence of new workplace vocabulary, communication skills, and social norms,

While it has never been easier, technology-wise, for global teams to work together, organizations also need to address the human challenges around language and communications.

Robert Szabo, Learnship Director of Pedagogy


IBM’s latest study of over 3,000 global CEOs* highlighted the importance of empowering remote workers for a post-Covid workplace:

While 2020 amplified a host of strategic priorities—from supply chain continuity to virtually engaging customers—empowering remote work was noted by CEOs as their top concern more frequently than anything else.

CEOs recognize that this new way of driving flexibility and delivering innovation can only be realized with an empowered remote workforce.


The business benefits of building diverse teams have been well-documented. And the move to remote working provides greater opportunities for talent away from head office to shine. These courses help level the playing field for non-native English speakers, eliminating cultural friction across remote global teams, allowing organizations to fully unleash the disruptive power of diversity.

Dean Cooper,  Learnship Senior Vice President Sales


A New Award-Winning Approach to Business Language Learning 

Learnship Sprint is a new approach to language learning that combines trainer-led virtual classroom sessions with online digital pre-work to accelerate learning progress.

By fully integrating the digital pre-work and trainer-led classes, we enable learners to arrive at their weekly virtual classroom sessions with baseline knowledge of that week’s subject, optimizing the trainer’s time with the student.

Brand new, purpose-built, digital content developed in-house focuses on specific business outcomes, keeping learners highly engaged during pre-work sessions.

Sprint Business Skills courses are designed for completion in just five weeks, based on two hours of study a week:
·   45 minutes of online digital pre-work,
·   60 minutes trainer-led virtual classroom session,
·   15 minutes Mobile exercise for skills reinforcement.

Learnship Sprint was awarded the prestigious 2020 Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Software for a Training Company.


  • Working in Remote Teams is available immediately.
  • Remote Networking and Social Skills will be available from mid-May.
  • Remote Project Management will be available from mid-June.

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*Source: IBM 2021 CEO Study
IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) launched its most extensive Chief Executive Officer (CEO) research project ever. Building on almost 20 years of C-suite Studies, the IBV gathered insights from more than 3,000 CEOs and the most senior public sector leaders across the economy and around the world.

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