Learnship’s new product releases

In September 2022, Learnship released a handful of new language training products that we had been fine-tuning for a year. Buckle up as we walk you through some new, exciting features

September is always a month full of activity and new projects, and Learnship makes no exception. In September 2022, your online language and cross-cultural training provider released a handful of new language training products that we had been fine-tuning for a year. Buckle up as we walk you through some new, exciting features!

Don’t speak Business English – speak HR. Or Finance. Or Tech. Or…

Working with over 3 million learners, we know that many of your employees don’t need to become bilingual: they only need to take on the industry-specific vocabulary that they will be able to use immediately to close a deal. To work on technicalities. Or simply to sound more polite and professional when conversing with peers.

On this premise, Learnship developed Sprint Business Skills, an award-winning, 5-week blended course focusing on business- and industry-specific scenarios. The product has had tremendous success over the past two years, with topics such as remote project management, working in remote teams, and remote networking. In September 2022, Learnship introduced nine new Sprint courses – to meet even more business needs:

Learnship Sprint Human Resources

  • Human Resources

  • Healthcare & Pharma

  • Technology

  • Finance

  • FMCG

  • Customer Care

  • Logistics

  • Sales

  • Narrative writing

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Business French, German, and Spanish now available in digital, blended, and trainer-led format

Business English, French, German, and Spanish are the most popular languages taught at Learnship and among the most sought by professionals worldwide. With the September releases, they now all come in three different delivery methods to meet all professional needs:

  • E-learning with Solo Business Language: With Learnship’s fully digital program, L&D professionals can deploy an affordable, company-wide solution for everyone to learn English, French, German, or Spanish at their own pace, focusing on business-relevant vocabulary and scenarios. And for learners who need an extra push, Solo comes with Talk with the Teacher, a series of group sessions hosted by a professional trainer to practice their oral skills.

  • Blended learning with Sprint Business Language: Sprint blends weekly digital preparation and trainer-led sessions for never-reached-before engagement levels. Not only do learners get to progress by a half-CEF level in just a matter of weeks – but they get to practice extensively with a trainer until they become foolproof in all relevant situations. This solution is ideal for faster business impact.

  • Fully trainer-led learning with Elevate: Learnship’s long-standing online, face-to-face training with world-class trainers is the most flexible learning solution, combining a level-based curriculum and customized content. In addition to English, French, German, and Spanish, it is available in 8 languages, including Chinese and Japanese.

two women using Learnship learning solutions

“With the release of Solo and Sprint Business Language, we now offer courses in four different business languages, through three different delivery methods. This allows us to meet each talent’s specific language needs taking into account not only the budget but also urgency, focus, and preferred learning style,” explains Aishah Davis, Chief Product Officer at Learnship.

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Learnship Solo goes mobile!

On September 1st, Learnship launched its brand-new mobile app on iOS and Android! In addition to our existing Reach micro-learning app, our new app makes language learning even more accessible and engaging for your learners. They will now be able to hop on/hop off their Solo course on desktop, tablet, and smartphone, anywhere, whenever they feel like studying!

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Keeping the pace up

And it doesn’t stop in September. Thanks to the combined efforts of our Learning Sciences, Product Development, and IT departments, Learnship’s roadmap for 2023 is overflowing with new projects. Whether offering new modalities for business language upscaling, new specialized courses, or new learning tools, Learnship’s focus has always been (and remains) to deliver the best business impact for global companies.