Learnship’s backbone: The Corporate HR management team

As of 2019, Learnship is home to over 200 employees in offices across Europe, the USA, and Asia. Our Corporate HR management team is responsible for recruiting and ensuring the ultimate company culture experience for employees within Learnship.

One of our most valuable assets, our Corporate HR management team proudly reflects and promotes the international and multicultural working environment fostered by Learnship. Both experienced and passionate, all seven team members have been or are currently expatriates who are no strangers to intercultural settings. The well-traveled team members have spent time in Asia, the United States, and the United Kingdom before joining Learnship HQ in Germany.

This cultural melting pot makes our approach to human resources unique in all its aspects, be it recruiting the right talent, onboarding new colleagues, encouraging personnel development, or optimizing organizational processes at Learnship offices all over the world. Other essential duties include HR administration and work safety, which is one of Learnship’s top priorities.

The diverse backgrounds and experience of our HR team members enables us to handle tasks such as recruitment, team head support, and process optimization with know-how and precision.  This expertise is put into active use through corporate training sessions, language courses, company and team events, corporate benefits, and much more. Regular surveys also help us to better understand and meet employee expectations.

Interested in joining our teams?

In 2018, Learnship recruited over 100 jobseekers, mainly training consultants and customer support managers. Our recruitment process is comprised of three stages: reviewing your job application, a telephone interview, and, if successful, a personal interview with the department team head and HR manager.

Feel free to visit our careers page to check out our current vacancies and apply!

This page was written prior to our acquisition of GlobalEnglish so some of the copy may be a little confusing. Please excuse any reference to GlobalEnglish or out-dated product names. GlobalEnglish’s One platform is now known as Learnship Solo and is a core part of our offering. You can learn more here.