Fortinet and Learnship: Empowering Global Teams with Language Training 

Fortinet, a global cybersecurity leader headquartered in California, has firmly committed itself to the development and growth of its employees. To address the specific trilingual communication needs of their Latin American and Caribbean operations, Fortinet sought the expertise of Learnship. The goal was clear: to enhance language skills in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, empowering employees to excel in their roles.

In close collaboration, Learnship and Fortinet executed a comprehensive strategy that included the deployment of the Solo and Elevate language training programs. These programs aimed to enhance language proficiency and create a practical and immersive learning experience. The results were truly remarkable, with participation rates experiencing a significant surge, while attendance goals were not just met but surpassed, reaching an impressive 80%. Feedback regarding language skills was overwhelmingly positive, with 84% of participants reporting that they received recognition for their improved language proficiency from colleagues, managers, customers, or instructors.

Fortinet and Learnship have been partnering together for over five years, consistently pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in employee development. This year’s Silver Medal for the Best Program for Upskilling Employees is not the first accolade that Learnship and Fortinet have earned together. In fact, this is our second Brandon Hall Group award in less than five years, a testament to our commitment to excellence in learning and development.

The Brandon Hall Group Awards, presented semi-annually, celebrate the most innovative and impactful Learning and Development initiatives globally. The Brandon Hall Group Awards are renowned for their rigorous evaluation process, with an independent panel of judges assessing each entry’s impact on business outcomes. This year’s award in the “Future of Work” category is particularly special as it recognizes the innovative approach that Fortinet and Learnship have taken to upskilling employees. This is the result of years of partnership, meticulous learning strategy development, and the seamless implementation and management of an exceptional learning program.

We are proud to be a part of Fortinet’s growth story and look forward to more exciting collaborations. At Learnship, we believe success is built on teamwork and dedication to learning. We are thrilled to have Fortinet as a partner in this journey towards a brighter, more skilled future.

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