Award-Winning Sprint Language Skills Course Now Available for Remote Global Teams

Learnship is now offering a five-week Sprint course to help non-native English speakers master the vocabulary and language skills they need to work productively in remote global teams. 

“You’re on mute… I think John’s frozen… Put a link in the chat…” 

As the world has gone remote, we’ve all developed a new vocabulary to help us navigate our remote working world and the digital tools we now use every day. 

While remote working brings new communications challenges to everyone, we know those challenges are compounded for workers in global teams for whom English is a 2nd language. 

This is why we’ve developed Working In Remote Teams as the latest in our range of Sprint Business Skills language training courses. 

Companies can now ensure their global teams have the skills and confidence to use the video and digital tools in which they have invested millions to communicate and collaborate effectively around the world. 

A New Award-Winning Approach to Business Language Learning 

Learnship Sprint is a new approach to language learning that combines trainer-led virtual classroom sessions with online digital pre-work to accelerate learning progress. 

By fully integrating the digital pre-work and trainer-led classes, we enable learners to arrive at their weekly virtual classroom sessions with baseline knowledge of that week’s subject, optimizing the trainer’s time with the student. 

Brand new, purpose-built, digital content developed in-house focuses on specific business outcomes, keeping learners highly engaged during pre-work sessions. 

Sprint Business Skills courses are designed for completion in just five weeks, based on two hours of study a week: 

  • 45 minutes online digital pre-work, 
  • 60 minutes trainer-led virtual classroom session 
  • 15 minutes Mobile exercise for skills reinforcement 

Learnship Sprint was awarded the prestigious 2020 Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Software for a Training Company. 

Vital Remote Communications Skills 

Working in Remote Teams provides learners with the specific vocabulary they need to use the most popular remote collaboration tools, as well as guidance for correct language usage, and trainer-led practice in realistic remote workplace scenarios. 

Weekly sessions focus on dedicated elements of remote team collaboration with specific skills development goals, including: 

  • Video Conferencing: Practice communicating proficiently using video conferencing software and tools and using concise language to deal with a range of issues. 
  • Cloud-based File Sharing: Learn to use a broad range of languages to organize and deal with cloud-based file sharing and effectively work together on shared documents. 
  • Team Chat: Work on using a chat tool with fluency and spontaneity to update team members, deal with feedback and make professional requests. 
  • Work Tracking: Develop the ability to track core elements of work and succinctly use the information for updates on status and productivity. 


Continuous Assessment & Different Learning Levels  

The program includes continuous learning assessment with Learner Scores combining engagement and performance levels for each piece of digital pre-work and every trainer-led session. 

Courses are available at three different language ability levels, matching coursework and classroom sessions to existing English proficiency levels. 


Other Business Skills in the Series 

Working in Remote Teams is the latest program in our series of five-week Sprint Business Skills courses focused on helping your non-native English employees develop the skills critical for success in a global working environment, which include: 

  • Business Writing 
  • Business Presentations 
  • Business Negotiations 
  • Participating in Meetings 

Contact us to find out more about Working in Remote Teams and our full range of Sprint Business Skills products.