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Kategorie: Blog

Group of people in office working on a project, respresenting Learnship team of content developers who ensures training materials address current topics and trends in a specific industry

In January 2019, Learnship launched the Culture Change intercultural program, dedicated to expatriates and their families. The program compliments language training, making it possible to discover the culture of a country and to prepare effectively for cultural shock. At Learnship, intercultural understanding is particularly important aspect of daily operations, as our employees are based in […]

How does Learnship ensure the ultimate language learning experience for trainers? Trainer workshops are one of the best ways to foster interaction with trainers and enhance their professional experience. Combining pure training time and peer-to-peer exchange time, our workshops create emulation within our pool of trainers, and contribute both to their professional development and to […]

Hailing from all four corners of the world, speaking a total of 19 languages, and based in Cologne and Chicago, the Course Management (CM) team is one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse teams in the Learnship family. Not just well travelled, this group has a wealth of experience in different career sectors before […]

Launched in 2016, Business Language Coaching by Learnship enables corporate employees to be as natural and impactful in English as in their native language. Working for Learnship since 2011, Sylvie Jeanloz was one of our first business language coaches – and she is still providing language coaching and intercultural training. Here she speaks about how language coaching helps you to become more successful in your job.

Language Training Research and Development

The activities undertaken by the Research and Development team (R&D) have a huge impact on the future ambitions of any company. At Learnship, R&D takes place both on the Information Technology side, as well as on the pedagogical side. The Language Training R&D department is responsible for creatively thinking about new and innovative ideas for […]

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