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Culture Focus

Doing business in a specific culture

Country-specific programs to give your employees the skills and the confidence to succeed in a specific overseas market or do business with counterparts from a specific culture.
As well as in-depth knowledge of the local culture, including local business etiquette, your employees will be given hands-on practical strategies and tips for specific business trips and building long-term collaborative relationships.

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Businesspeople discussing country-specific cultural intelligence

Country-specific cultural intelligence

  1. Working with counterparts & succeeding on business trips
  2. In-depth cultural knowledge
  3. Business etiquette and culture
  4. Communication styles
  5. Strategies for success
Employees talking about intercultural training in a conference room

Culture Focus for business success across borders

Our Culture Focus program comprises four training units:

  1. Understanding companies in the target country
  2. Communication styles in the target country
  3. Navigating the business culture of the target country
  4. Working in the target country

Course details

Your employees can complete the program in a series of 2 or 4-hour online, face-to-face training sessions, scheduled at their convenience.
You can schedule programs for individual employees or as group training for a team facing similar cultural challenges.

  • Individual: 8 hours of live training
  • Group: 16 hours of live training
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