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Culture Change

Living and working in another culture

An in-depth intercultural training program to prepare your employees and their families for living and working in another country.
Your employees will learn how to develop their cultural awareness as they understand cultural differences, as well as the communications styles they will need to work effectively in the host culture.

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Family relocating to a new home and culture, talking about the relocation experience

Optimizing the relocation experience

  1. Living and working in another country
  2. Workplace etiquette
  3. Social communication styles
  4. Developing in-depth intercultural awareness
  5. Spouse and family training
Family eating together at the table after a relocation

Culture Change training for global mobility

Our Culture Change program comprises four training units:

  1. What is cultural awareness?
  2. Communication styles
  3. Cultural differences
  4. Working in the target country

Course details

Your employees can complete the program in a series of 2 or 4-hour online, face-to-face training sessions, scheduled at their convenience.
Your employees can also choose to take the program individually, with their partner, or as a family.

  • Individual: 8 hours of live training
  • With partner: 12 hours of live training
  • Family group: 16 hours of live training
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